A Day at IDEAL Elementary School

  • The IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership provides the correct balance of nurture and challenge for enthusiastic, inquisitive elementary students. From field trips, Skype experiences, guest experts, and daily recess ( twice a day) to service learning, class productions, and interdisciplinary design projects ( S.T.E.A.M.), our brain research based innovative program is designed to engage 21st-century learner excels in academics and life.

  • At IDEAL we are aware that students must be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges with a rigorous academic curriculum. Our elementary students average 1-3 years above grade level on standardized tests. However, at IDEAL, these achievements only form the foundation for sustained academic success.

    At IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership, our goal is the true understanding of questions and problems. We rely on more than just textbooks to convey information. By teaching through relevant experiences we ensure our students don’t memorize facts, but develop a genuine understanding of the curriculum. Each day teachers turn familiar elementary school topics into memorable celebrations to ensure true understanding.

  • A multiple question has limitations. Very few questions in life have only five answers. The world is not a textbook, worksheet or paper test; it is abstract, wide and messy. It is not enough to discover what happened, you need to know how it happened and why it happened.

    — George Ziegler
  • The IDEAL carline begins at 7:40am.

    Each child and family will be greeted with a smile by a teacher or third grade safety patroller.

    IDEAL students begin their enchanting day at 8:00 am and end at 3:00 pm.

    Students and parents experience entry, especially on Fridays like no other! Imagine a “Fabulous Friday” arriving at school with everyone outside, music playing, teachers on the roof dancing and enchanting joy all around. We celebrate the week’s accomplishments with our students and end of our week with a “Parking Lot Party” type “Fanfare.”

    Awaiting “in the moment”, at the classroom door to welcome your child will be one of our gifted and nurturing teachers. Each child will enter his or her “Responsive Classroom” to a sincere greeting or hug.

  • Note: The IDEAL Responsive Classroom and practices are built on the fundamental belief that every growing person is driven by the need to belong, to feel that their presence is important, and to participate in playful, engaging experiences. Establishing a democratic classroom that focuses on the developmental social and emotional needs of our students is fundamental to the creation of self-regulation in children.

     Walking into an IDEAL Responsive Classroom on any given day, you will see the enchanting effect of these central principles in a variety of ways; from the teachers choice of positive words, to active modeling of expectations, to collaborative choice, and student- owned approach to classroom rules and conduct. The IDEAL teaching team models and inspires our students with the C.A.R.E.S. approach: Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy and Self-Regulation. These principles are nurtured within our students every day in every, IDEAL SCHOOL learning experience.

  • After a welcoming entry, students will begin unpacking backpacks as they socialize and organize to soothing music playing in the background. Each student is given the time to calmly get body and mind ready for an enchanting day of learning. Once students have prepared for the day, they will gather as a group to view our daily Early Bird News, commonly referred to as EBN. EBN is a closed circuit television broadcast production, created, directed and produced by our talented, fourth grade students. EBN provides students with the latest, breaking school news and information about upcoming, “Aha” events.

    Our school day officially begins with time dedicated to an Emotional Intelligence (EI) morning huddle. EI time is devoted to the routine of sharing feelings, building relationships with students, exploring our emotions and being mindful. Teachers use a variety of tools and resources (MindUp curriculum, literature, music, YouTube, guests) to facilitate discussions and foster experiences that develop emotional awareness of self and others.

  • Academics begin with a seventy-five minute Multiple Intelligence Math lesson/period.

    We employ Multiple Intelligence lessons that bring interaction and relevancy to math to build understanding, self-esteem and confidence. IDEAL math lessons actively engage learners, provide in-depth instruction, and translate math concepts to real -world applications. There is a teacher and assistant in each math class during instruction and skill practice. Students who demonstrate a high level of mastery in mathematics are moved to the next grade level for math instruction and application.

    *Students who demonstrate a high level of mastery in mathematics are advanced to the next grade level.

    Following Math there is a thirty minute outdoor recess and snack period each day, before transitioning to Language Arts.

    Mathematics is one of the essential emanations of the human spirit – a thing to be valued in and for itself, like art or poetry

    — Oswald Veblin
  • The Multiple Intelligence Language Arts period is 120 minutes in duration.

    With a consistent focus on reading, writing, and presenting, IDEAL School’s comprehensive and challenging Language Arts curriculum prepares children for success in their future academic endeavors.

    The Language Arts curriculum develops students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through leveled and differentiated lessons. Lessons are structured with a particular literacy skill focus that is developed through ‘big-picture’ projects and goal-driven education.

    The language arts curriculum at IDEAL integrates composition, literature, and instruction in the program. The rationale for this is to place genuine reading and composing at the center of the curriculum and place skill instruction within, rather than before, the love of reading and writing. There is a teacher and trained assistant in each class room to work with small groups during language arts.

    *Students who demonstrate a high level of mastery in language arts are advanced to the next grade level.

  • After Language Arts, students experience “Fine Dining” in the IDEAL Village. Students are escorted to their fine dining tables where an assigned fine dining staff member is there to graciously greet and receive them. At this time, students may enjoy their lunch with peers in The Village bistro, interactive restaurant environment with music playing while demonstrating their fine dining manners. Students may also perform on the village stage if they have a talent or idea they want to share with their peers. 

    After Fine Dining lunch, students have another opportunity to socialize and experience fresh air at Walk & Talk before transitioning to their afternoon co-curricular classes. The combined lunch and Walk & Talk period is 30 minutes in duration.

    In the afternoon, elementary students enjoy a variety of co-curricular activities that include Physical Education (two 60 minute classes a week), Violin and Music, Art, Technology and Spanish in addition to completing their academic studies in Science and Social Studies.

    The IDEAL inquiry Science curriculum is typically one year above grade level and involves student exploration and investigation labs. The IDEAL science program provides opportunities for students to develop understanding and skills necessary to excel as confident problem solvers and critical thinkers in a scientific and technological world.

    At IDEAL, social studies is integrated with all the other areas throughout the school day and in conjunction with the social studies curriculum. Challenging multiple intelligence Social Studies instruction includes internet global partnerships, debates, discussions, field trips, projects/presentations, active role-playing, and simulations that are engaging and require critical thinking. The program allows students to explain relationships with other people, institutions, and with the environment, and equips them with knowledge and understanding of the past to become responsible local, national, and global citizens.

  • Student Assessments are called Celebrations of Knowledge at IDEAL School and happen at all grade levels, every day. Each day students will be assessed in multiple ways to provide them with the opportunity to truly understand what they have mastered or still need to learn. They are authentic to their academic discipline and rich in 21st century skills. Assessments or Celebrations focus on demonstrating true understanding and meaning, and may include a research paper, a test with essay and multiple choice questions, a class discussion, a power point presentation, a quiz, a poster design, an oral presentation, a documentary video or a collaborative group project. IDEAL provides a range of assessments (traditional and project-based) daily to ensure Students learn the essential skills for success in today’s world.

    The enchanting IDEAL Elementary day is celebrated with a short reflection and recapitulation gathering where we pause and think about our day together. These mindful moments of reflection have a profoundly positive influence to support children in their efforts to understand their emotions, and their strengths and challenges as learners.

    Each day IDEAL students will be given relevant homework that engages and extends learning (40min.-60min.). IDEAL relevant homework is purposeful; it is thoughtful; it is based on how minds learn. The main goal is to give quality tasks that enhance student performance and also train habits of mind, habits that our students will take with them to high school and whatever college they attend or profession they choose.

    The final component of the IDEAL day is our joyful gathering in the Village for dismissal through the car line or an after school club or sport activity. After School Clubs are different and separate from the Aftercare Program.  The Clubs are organized and instructed by professionals in the specific field (i.e. Art, Rock band, Theater, Sports, Spirit, etc.).  Students will have the opportunity to enroll and participate in these scheduled programs throughout the year.