Imagine an IDEAL school where the entire professional team is applying current brain research to every aspect of the learning experience to optimize student joy, engagement, memory, and understanding.

    Imagine an IDEAL school that focuses on students being mindful and motivated to creatively demonstrate knowledge and true understanding of challenging, relevant information. Show what you know!

    Imagine an IDEAL school where students excel in emotional (EQ) and cognitive (IQ) skills and are innovation ready to be accepted to the best high schools and universities in the nation.

    p1IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership’s brain-based and Multiple Intelligence philosophies and practices deliver effective and innovative strategies beyond the basic curriculum for the gifted learner. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and empower students to produce quality work and to become productive citizens, while protecting and nurturing their unique characteristics.

    IDEAL SCHOOL provides a supportive and stimulating environment where students use sophisticated forms of thinking that include generalizing, reasoning, predicting, classifying, comparing and contrast in order to seek evidence to support a hypothesis or idea. It is our goal at IDEAL School to teach for understanding (not just test scores). The professional teaching team will achieve this goal by:

    Modeling: The teacher will provide knowledge or insight by presenting a multiple intelligence lesson (relevant to students). The teacher will lead the learning process in an attempt to meet predetermined goals and academic objectives.

    Inquiry: The teacher will guide the students to solve a relevant problem by asking questions, investigating methods, and discussing cause and effect relationships.

    Collaboration: The teacher will facilitate meaningful discussions and active problem-solving to gain understanding of a given topic.

    With a consistent focus on reading, writing, math and calculation, IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership’s comprehensive and challenging curriculum prepares children for success in their future academic endeavors. Specialist teachers include Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Technology, Visual Art, Theater, Music with Violin, Piano and Instrumental Orchestra, and Physical Education. In addition to skill-based academic learning and assessment, opportunities for collaboration, hands-on discovery, global awareness and social justice, service, and reflection are integrated throughout the curriculum. Our intentional focus on both cognitive and emotional intelligence sets the IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership experience apart.
  • From Preschool through graduation, each child is guided to identify and understand his/her personal learning style and its strengths. Regular written assignments and tests are reinforced by Projects, Exhibitions and Presentations, which give teachers and parents a more comprehensive picture of what a child actually understands, and provides a rich academic experience that includes – and extends beyond – the completion of a test or recalling facts from memory.
    Quality instruction is priceless and the benefits are life-long. Teachers have the potential to make a true difference in the lives of children. In the IDEAL community, this is not only valued as a privilege, but a primary goal. In today’s society where there is so much to learn, it is essential that children be taught in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Differentiated instruction is implemented not only within each classroom but across grade-levels based on a child’s ability. Children may not only move from one classroom to the next for Advanced Language Arts and Math, but also may have assignments differentiated by the complexity and/or expectations. 
    The IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership is the perfect school for the “gifted” learner.  Students are grouped by ability to optimize their learning experience.  During core subjects students may even move up a grade level based on their academic performance. We recognize some students have mastered grade-level benchmarks and need to be provided with other opportunities to reach their cognitive potential. 
  • In cooperation with parents, we discuss and consider a variety of variables to assess a child’s potential academic performance and successful placement. Classroom performance, teacher observations and standardized testing results are reviewed to identify students who may benefit from advanced, accelerated curriculum. It is our goal to place students in appropriate advanced programs where a student will both be challenged and experience success.