• IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership understands that each child is born with certain levels of Emotional Intelligence. IDEAL strengthens these abilities through daily modeling, persistence, practice, and feedback incorporated into the curriculum and school culture.

    The IDEAL emotional intelligence skills are:

    • Self-awareness: knowing one’s strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and impact on others.
    • Self-regulation: controlling or redirecting disruptive impulses and moods
    • Motivation: relishing achievement for its own sake
    • Empathy: understanding other people’s emotional makeup
    • Social skills: building rapport with others to move them in desired directions
  • IQ +EQ = Extraordinary

    What distinguishes great leaders and successful people from others?

    What gives the IDEAL student an advantage to excel and be extraordinary in academics and life?

    It isn’t just IQ or Technical Skills. It is Emotional Intelligence!

    An EQ Rich Culture
    When the children arrive at IDEAL the first thing in the morning, there are NO academics for the first 20 minutes of school. The first priority and focus of every day is emotional intelligence. Every IDEAL student participates in an intimate gathering where the conversation content is about the students’ feelings and interests. Emotional Intelligence is a wide range of skills that children of all ages can develop and improve. These skills are critical for emotional well-being and life success. Emotional development (virtues) is an integral part of the IDEAL curriculum. Our daily and weekly discussions encompass the five domains of “social and emotional” learning:
    1. knowing one’s emotions
    2. identifying and expressing emotions
    3. motivating oneself
    4. recognizing and accepting emotions in others
    5. maintaining productive relationships
  • Every day, IDEAL students enter the classroom to a caring and enthusiastic assistant and teacher. The first 20 minutes of school is reserved for celebrating the students’ personalities and their social world (hobbies, friends, celebrations). At IDEAL, emotional and cognitive topics are equally important. Academics only occur after we share our personal lives, thoughts and personal concerns. Every day starts with an emotional “Heart to Heart.” Each week students and parents experience a dynamic motivational talk directed by our school founder, Mrs. Soderman. At these mindful Heart to Heart TED Talk style presentations, Mrs. Soderman shares multimedia heartfelt stories and activities to inspire and motivate children to understand themselves and others as people doing a life journey. Each talk presents the students with the opportunity to see the gifts in adversity, to welcome challenges, to be intrigued by lessons in mistakes, to value all experiences, and to be resilient and mindful to make their dreams come true.