• Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts without judging them good or bad.

    We live in a stressful world and often troubled times. IDEAL SCHOOL is a safe haven where academic practices and the school culture provide children with emotional comfort and pleasure, as well as, knowledge.

    IDEAL students graduate with EI resources to be mindfully aware and create their own personal utopia in the real, “big” world. IDEAL students are taught the science of the brain (parts and functions), so that they may become mindful of themselves, their actions and others.

    • IDEAL is a utopian learning community!

      Dr. Howard Gardener
      Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard University
  • IDEAL teaches strategies such as meditation, four square breathing, above the line perspectives, limbic awareness, intrinsic rewards, task and instructional analysis and mirror neurons. for helping students focus, self-regulate, build resilience to stress and to develop a positive mind-set for school and life.

  • IDEAL students excel in school and all future endeavors. Due to their immersion in an EQ learning culture at IDEAL SCHOOL, our students have established a habit of creating resources for working with emotions by acknowledging them and moving on, fostering an affirmative environment with a “Can Do” attitude, and of taking a proactive mindful problem solving approach to daily challenges. According to the community and testimonials, extraordinary IDEAL alumni are reportedly raising the performance, motivation, and integrity bar in life!

    IDEAL students and teachers wear Dream Strings as a resource for common vocabulary to express and embrace emotions in an empowering way.