IDEAL teachers know that students meet and exceed high expectations because they truly know them and care for their students (and families) as people and as learners.


    IDEAL teachers know that happy, motivated children learn best. Teachers encourage children to risk failure by trying hard, because the worst failure is the failure to “try and try again”. Effort is recognized and rewarded daily because over time, persistence is the most crucial habit of mind for success.

  • The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.

    — Martin Luther King Jr.

    IDEAL teachers innovate their teaching practices based on current neuroscience on how students learn and what teaching methods produce best results. IDEAL teachers are actively learning and demonstrating professional growth. Their enthusiastic drive for knowledge is motivating and inspiring to their students. (* IDEAL teachers attend annual national Learning and The Brain Conferences)


    The IDEAL Teaching Team consists of 40 highly skilled professionals who are full of joy and enthusiasm for their craft. They were carefully selected and as a result, the average tenure at IDEAL is 8 plus years. Every team member is connected to and shares the mission, vision, and culture of the IDEAL School of Leadership. They live and breathe it! They understand that students perform better when their teachers truly know them and care for them as people and learners. IDEAL teachers provide the environment for personal and academic success because they have deep emotional intelligence and deep mastery of teaching techniques. They also have excellent interpersonal skills (EQ) and outstanding intellectual prowess (IQ).

    The IDEAL teaching team is diverse in their individual experiences and background, but they are united in their zest for new knowledge and their passion for teaching and collaboration. They have a strong desire for continual improvement and a drive to motivate and inspire their students by example. They understand the importance of modeling for their students because they know that students don’t simply do what you say, rather they do what you do. The team works together to find ways to challenge support and inspire every student.

    IDEAL School teachers know that 21st Century teachers have to be smarter, more agile, willing to change, and have a growth mindset. Moreover, IDEAL teachers have an understanding of how the brain learns in order to maximize the potential of every IDEAL student.

    Please enjoy viewing the images and videos below which are clearly a testament to the passionate and joyful IDEAL Teaching Team.



    newteacher000111If you are an incredible, enthusiastic, passionate and highly skilled teaching professional and would like to join our amazing teaching team please send your resume to Dr. Kris Soderman at soderman@learnideal.com. During the application process, potential IDEAL teaching team members go through a series of extensive interviews and a thorough background and reference check. They shadow a current team member for at least a day, so they can experience firsthand the brain-based teaching approach and IDEAL culture. Finally, the potential team member must plan a subject unit and experience a full day teaching audition at IDEAL. When the process is complete, a panel of co-teachers and administration decides whether or not the applicant should be offered a position on the IDEAL Teaching Team.

    We love passionate teachers who believe that our children will change the world in positive ways!