• The IDEAL Art program offers the opportunity to think creatively and express ideas as well as learn problem-solving skills and communication skills. Students will have fun designing, constructing and evolving into mini Picassos all while enjoying the process of creating art…and having FUN!

    The early program focuses on building a solid vocabulary based on the elements of design and composition. Children will create using a variety of media and study the work of master artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Kandinsky and Rousseau. Our budding artists will embark on new adventures while exploring art genres and learning new techniques.

    As students advance to dream bigger in the art program, they will be given the opportunity to unleash their creative energy and innovation. This is achieved through student exposure to various artworks, tools and media in a nurturing studio environment where imagination and artistry manifest freely in the works that are produced.

  • Under the tutelage and thoughtful direction of IDEAL’s theater arts teacher, Flint Keller, students in Dream Drama learn basic stage notation, stage terminology, and roles in a staged production. Further training includes expressing character through movement and voice, and understanding plot structure and character change. While cooperating in teams to solve problems, students develop deeper sensory awareness and personal creativity. When students place themselves in other contexts—walk in others’ shoes—this bolsters empathy both in life and in reading. Dream Drama is a program students will always remember.

    Each grade, fifth through eighth, will spend approximately 30-35 sessions creating a theatrical production that will be memorable for students and audiences alike.

  • Music permeates the entire curriculum at IDEAL through song, rhythm, and the best of musical literature.  Every classroom is filled with the highest quality of music that can influence young minds. 

    In addition to the music influence of every class, our IDEAL music program is unparalleled in its impact and its influence for children, families and for our community.  

    Beginning with Pre-K, our students learn the basics of piano/keyboard.  They learn notes, note-reading, and gain experience playing songs.  At IDEAL, our 4 year olds can begin to play and perform violin.

  • Kindergarten and 1st grade music classes focus on progression in violin and piano increasing their technical skills and musicianship.

    2nd through 5th graders begin a musical journey that will be a lifelong memory and a musical influence for generations to come.  At this level, many of our students can add cello, double bass, or harp to their musical experiences as they now begin Orchestra.

    IDEAL has consistently had a strong musical impact on the surrounding community.  Some of our students aim high and through an audition process, they go on to participate in Florida Youth Symphony programs.  Many of our students perform for senior citizens, at their churches, for their families and other community activities.

    We are appreciative of Mr. Gareth Johnson – international award winning violinist.  He is a highly sought after young, energetic and very busy performer who takes his time weekly to come to IDEAL where he mingles, performs for the students and encourages us on our musical journey.

    Our students who choose to excel in music are sought after by high schools and universities with specialized musical programs.  It is not unusual for young violinists, cellists, and orchestra players to be offered scholarships when they are determining their higher education options.

    IDEAL offers serious musical opportunities including on-campus private lessons, teacher-assisted practice time and performance venues for individuals and groups.  

    IDEAL rock band offers guitar, drums, keyboard and bass (plus other instruments), vocals and lots of fun.

    Our music director, Maureen Hunt, is a cellist, a composer and a dedicated music educator.  Her books and compositions in the field of music are used and acclaimed nationally.