Learning Lab

  • IDEAL’s commitment to address individual learning needs is evident in our teaching. We recognize that all children learn in different ways, and our goal is to determine the strengths of each child to encourage success.  We strive to do this at an early age, so that academic needs can be effectively met at each stage of development.  It is clear that students learn best when they feel safe, confident, and understood. The Director of the Learning Lab is a resource for teachers and parents to support students with one-to-one or small group assistance.

    Having our Learning Lab in-house, we are easily able to keep the lines of communication open with teachers and parents to ensure the student’s needs are being met. The Learning Lab is devoted to serving students’ needs and does so through the use of diagnostic testing, curriculum development, research and professional development. Provided services include assistance with reading comprehension and writing, math and test taking strategies, as well as tutoring.  The Learning Lab teacher also provides support with organizational skills and study strategies.  During Learning Lab visits, there are also many enrichment opportunities for students in all areas of study.