Measurement of Performance

  • IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership incorporates thematic skill-based academic learning and assessments (celebrations of knowledge), collaborative teamwork, professional mentor and peer feedback, and personal reflections throughout the brain-based curriculum. The focus on emotional intelligence development (self and other awareness) along with intellectual growth (knowing one’s multiple intelligence personal cognitive combination) sets the IDEAL learning experience apart from most schools outdated, traditional mindset.

    From the beginning of the IDEAL learning journey in preschool, each child is guided and assessed on (report cards and conferences) individual behaviors and virtues such as compassion, accountability, confidence, risk taking, effort, work habits, mindfulness, and level of mastery of curriculum skills and content. Regular written assignments, student work portfolios, and tests (celebrations) are reinforced by multiple intelligence projects, oral presentations, class productions, and multimedia presentations to demonstrate true student visible understanding assessments are more than a test or recalling rote facts.

  • Report Cards

    Students will be given two report cards during the school year.  Each report will assess the student’s progress with respect to the objectives of the previous term.  At the end of each semester, report cards will be given to parents/guardians during a parent-teacher conference. The parent-teacher conference is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your child’s learning journey. Reports will also be sent home via email through the IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership’s online grade book. 

    IOWA Assessments

    To monitor the growth and achievement of our students across a continuum of next generation learning standards, the IOWA Assessments are administered every spring.

    These diagnostic assessments allow us to identify the effectiveness of our instructional curriculum by making relative comparisons by content area of student performance for both groups and individuals, as well as, inform instruction through student-centric decisions about personalized instruction.

    These tests are purely to provide information and data. Unlike standardized tests in the public school system, IDEAL teachers do not teach to them and IDEAL students do not stress over them. The students naturally perform very well on these tests due to the rich learning environment. On average, IDEAL students typically perform 2 to 6 years above grade level on the IOWA Assessments and, of course, their performance accelerates the longer they are at IDEAL.

  • Visionary Award

    IDEAL students are passionate visionaries with the knowledge and desire to achieve their life goals. IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership models and encourages students to become optimistic thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and dynamic leaders. IDEAL students believe in their dreams and take action to make them a reality.

    In 2015, we challenged each of our students to “Be a Visionary” and “Change the World in 1 minute”. In recognition of World Cerebral Palsy Day, students were encouraged to write down and submit their ideas to change the world for someone with Cerebral Palsy. We were amazed by the innovative ideas submitted by our students.

  • Each year the Visionary Award will focus on a specific area of need in the world and challenge students to be innovative thinkers to make a positive difference in the world.

    Extraordinary Minds Award

    IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership recognizes that extraordinary individuals are distinguished by their ability to identify their strengths and use them effectively.  Even extraordinary individuals are faced with difficult challenges in life and suffer setbacks. Rather than giving up, however, they’re challenged to learn from their setbacks and to convert defeats into opportunities.

    Each year, the IDEAL Middle School teaching team meets to identify students that unite their cognitive ability with their sense of responsibility. Students must complete a total of 30 community service hours for the year and create a Plan and Take action to “Pay it Forward”. Students need to have an altruistic idea that benefits our school or community and put it into action. These students are celebrated with an Extraordinary Minds Award. 

    Cardinal Achievement Awards

    The Cardinal Achievement Award is for IDEAL students in grades 3-8. The award recognizes the accomplishments of our students who excel in academics.  The criteria identifies students who receive a 95% or higher in any core subject for each grade (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies), as well as, recognizes the positive effort, attitude, conduct and display of virtues by those students in all co-curricular classes.  We applaud those students for their outstanding efforts.