Meet the Founder

  • Dynamic Transformative Educator

    Mindful Meditation Instructor

    and Motivational Speaker

    Wendy Soderman Owner/ Founder IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership


  • If you have not met, spoke to, heard from or heard about the most amazing Wendy Soderman you need to! Today!!! She will change your life and most definitely your outlook on it!!! One of the best speakers our Wellington Chamber Florida has ever had the privilege to hear from!!!

    — Michela Perillo, Executive Director of Wellington Chamber of Commerce ( Posted on Chamber FB )

    Wendy Soderman is a visionary, who Embraces Life and believes every day is part of a journey of endless wonders and discoveries. Wendy travels all around the world speaking to companies, social clubs, organizations, schools, and churches sharing her vision of Embracing Life and Transforming Education ( IQ+EQ) to create future mindful innovators and leaders that will make a positive change in our world.

    In her passionate multi-media presentations, audiences of all ages and backgrounds are engaged by her personal heartfelt story followed by transformational strategies on how to face adversity with an “Above the Line” optimistic perspective. These strategies are aligned with making mindful well-being, a core element in one’s personal and professional life. After participating in one of Wendy’s Embrace Life inspirational talks or workshops people are empowered to integrate practical, positive, in the moment awareness behaviors and language, to create their own enchanting life journey as they learn to embrace both wonders and obstacles in life. Everyone who hears Wendy Soderman speak is inspired to make personal and professional dreams a reality!

  • Wendy’s IDEAL vision of creating a mindful generation is remarkable!

    — Goldie Hawn
  • Wendy is proof that we can all live an extraordinary life.

    — Kenny Loggins
  • Wendy Soderman Speaking to Business Community:

    BNI Leadership Conference

    Topic- Creating a Mindful Personal and Professional Life Above the Line


    “I want more – What comes naturally for Wendy after years of thought, experimentation, leadership, and immersion in a vision…. inspired my staff to want to teach above and beyond. Wendy doesn’t just give a workshop…she sparks a movement!” -Principal

    “As a teacher I didn’t get the overwhelmed feeling that often comes at conference lectures. You inspired me by validating my teaching. You taught me to turn up the volume, follow my professional vision, and to smile! You made me feel proud of my teaching profession. You brought back my dream!!! ” -Teacher

    “You were amazing! The training was spot on, your knowledge and energy is super contagious. Thank you for what you are contributing to the revolution in education.” -Educational Author/Speaker, Top 20


    • View Wendy Soderman’s life story on A&E Documentary “Between the Lines” narrated by Robert Downey Jr., featuring Grammy award winning Kenny Loggins
    • Key Speaker of Life Success Motivational Lecture Series along with- Bob Proctor and Rev. Michael Beckwith, from the Secret
    • Featured in “Why Students Disengage in American Schools” s the Model School Solution (Chapter 13) by Paul Baernabei
    • Life Story featured in NBC Emmy award winning documentary “Virtues in Action”
    • Huffington Post and People Magazine Feature
    • Life story featured in Miami Ink
    • Inspiration for song “Broken Angel” by singer/songwriter Phil Christie
    • Founder of IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership(est. 1993)