• Our Mascot…The Mascot for the IDEAL School of Leadership is “Buddy” the Red Cardinal. At IDEAL, we teach the students to stay “above the line” and maintain a positive view on life and how they see the world. At times they may visit “below the line” and they may need help or a “trampoline” to get their positive perspective back. Examples of “trampolines” to help people get back up “above the line” when faced with adversity are: talking to a trusted friend or adult, performing an act of service, praying or meditating and focusing on the present. The Soderman’s selected the Red Cardinal as the mascot for IDEAL School because in their life journey the Red Cardinal has been a “trampoline” for them countless times.

    Buddy, the mascot, makes frequent appearances at IDEAL School events and is cherished and loved by all! He recently received some student and parent help in performing his traditional yearend cartwheel.

    When IDEAL families travel to their favorite places in the world they often bring a beanie baby cardinal with them and pose for a picture with the cardinal at a special location like a monument. Upon their return, they bring the photo into school for our display map. The “cardinal” has visited all seven continents and is now preparing to visit outer space!


    Please enjoy the article below, “A Mother’s Story- The Angel with the Red Wings”, written by IDEAL School Founder Wendy Soderman, to gain a complete understanding of the heartfelt significance of the Red Cardinal. This story shows the students how helpful a “trampoline” like the Red Cardinal can be when they are faced with adversity.