Project-Based Learning

  • At IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership, we believe innovation is creativity with a purpose. When students are curious, research facts, design and innovate, the mind becomes engaged and energized to understand what we can’t see, build what we haven’t seen, and conceive of what we will one day see. At IDEAL, students use a relevant  toolkit of 21st century skills as they engage in academically rigorous, relevant, complex, real world problem solving.

    In addition to project-based learning in core curriculum classes, IDEAL Middle School students have the opportunity to experience the WIT Program (Work It Through, Project Based Learning) as a cross-curricular class in the afternoon. Through the Project Based Learning activities, the teachers collaborate and create environments wherein they and their students work with complex, intriguing situations that foster inquiry, research, and the drawing of reasonable conclusions.

  • The diversity of mind skills involved in project based learning means that every IDEAL student gets challenged in unexpected ways and every student finds a way to leverage their personal unique set of skills against novel challenges. Student experience a sense of play, problems that intrigue and engage environments and activities that inspire novelty. These are all qualities of project-based learning and are what brain research tells us help students genuinely learn.

    IDEAL SCHOOL prides itself on a project-based transformative curriculum that engages, enlightens and increases student understanding of current and real, personal and world issues.

    Elementary students (K-5) experience the WIT Program once a semester to enrich learning experiences. Previous WIT Wheel themes have included Visionary Wheelchair Design, Shark Week, The Renaissance and Saving Our Tomorrow during Earth Week.