• Intelligent use of technology deepens meaningful learning. At IDEAL technology enriches students to design, study, research, communicate and self-direct their learning in ways only 21st-century technologies allow.

    IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership utilizes the Trajectory curriculum which features Microsoft Office and Google Drive. The Trajectory curriculum includes four comprehensive units per year designed by technology experts with years of experience teaching K-8 computer literacy. Each unit is designed to integrate current classroom studies and global issues as the academic focus.  For example, students may design a brochure about their favorite explorer from their social studies curriculum. The Trajectory curriculum provides a plat-formed process designed to build technology skills from year to year that exceed national standards. Detailed, age-appropriate lessons enhance classroom content integration and allow both teacher-led and student-led activities.

    Trajectory is based on a technology scope and sequence that identifies 350 learning objectives in 10 different technology areas including word processing; spreadsheets; databases; desktop publishing; graphic design and multimedia.

    These literacy objectives establish the framework for a technology program that ensures continuity as students age. It also ensures that students don’t just learn the software applications, they seamlessly apply it to all aspects of the coursework.

  • Additionally, we are pleased to offer Internet access, as we believe it offers valuable, diverse, and unique resources to both students and teachers.  Our goal in providing this service is to promote educational excellence in our school by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication.

    IDEAL Middle School students are required to bring and use their personal computers for daily school use.  Nooks and Kindles are also permitted to be used in class or in Study Hall while supervised.

    IDEAL School also encourages the use of social media technologies to enhance communication, collaboration, and information exchange in support of our mission.