Student Facilities


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At IDEAL School our student facilities are WOW! Each facility is created to spark joy, tranquility, enthusiasum, and learning experiences.

IDEAL School is a magical place providing a unique learning environment that students and teachers love.
The Preschool and Elementary school are often described as “Disney-llike”and the middle school has a “Spa” atmosphere. Students and teachers simply do not want to go home!


Meditation is effective at bringing the mind and body to the present moment, to being mindful. In addition to short daily mediations with their teachers, IDEAL students enjoy a once a week meditation lessons from a professional and longer meditation sessions in our beautiful meditation studio. Equipped with Backjack chairs and wonderful peace and quiet IDEAL’s meditation room is the perfect place for students to deepen their mediation practice.


Yes there is an actual full- sized tube slide inside the IDEAL Middle School building. This slide was designed as a physical demonstration of “out of the box” thinking. Every IDEAL student knows if they can dream it,they can do it! IDEAL Middle Schoolers use the slide to transition from classes on the upper level to classes on the lower level. What a blast!


IDEAL’s middle school auditorium boasts one gorgeous graffiti wall of all the virtues emphasized at IDEAL. Student’s creative, artistic side is encouraged when they design and paint the outside of their lockers and color fills the room. Middle school students dine in the auditorium and it is also home to amazing theatrical productions and many special events like the middle school dances.


The beautiful playground at IDEAL school is used by the younger students to hone their gross motor skills and engage in joyous play with their pears and teachers. The playground includes more that 5000 square feet and lush artificial turf covering 6 inches of rubberized cushioning. There is large engaging playground equipment and an enormous colorful train. Children can also enjoy a snack and cool drink of water in the covered picnic area.


The Snack Shack is the culmination of a business plan developed by IDEAL Middle School students. The students designed and planned this school store where students are able to purchase food and other specialty items. The students operate the Snack Shack and monitor inventory and manage purchase orders and the accounting. This is an amazing “real life” experience.


Modeled after a Tuscany street scene the IDEAL Village provides students a unique dining experience. The IDEAL Village is thankfully opposite to the traditional school cafeteria. The Village provides a fine-dining experience in the midst of 3D trees, and gorgeous hand-painted murals on every wall providing the atmosphere of and Italian piaza. Students enter the Village to beautiful classical music and dine at clothed tables dressed with flowers. Every student experiences the joy of eating with friends.


IDEAL School has a beautiful 1500 square foot Art Studio. The amazing Art Teacher guides the students in creating wonderful art projects. At IDEAL, every student loves art. The middle schoolers enjoy an Art Intensive, where they receive daily art classes and develop impressive art portfolios.


IDEAL School is strategically located immediately adjacent to beautiful recreation facilities. These facilities are utilized for recess, physical education and afterschool sports clubs in elementary and middle school. The facilities include:
  • BasketBall Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Soccer Fields
  • Softball Fields
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Bocce Ball Courts
In the event of inclement weather, these activities are moved to our beatiful "IDEAL Village" or "Dream Auditorium".


IDEAL students enjoy a fully equipped Science Lab. The Lab provides an incredible learning environment where students are engaged in learning the Scientific Method and developing a life-long passion for Science and shepherds of their environment.


The student lounge is a comfortable space where middle schoolers can engage in productive conversation and practice their EQ skills in a safe environment.


The Stop, Pause, Be Lounge is a peaceful area where, under the direction of a teacher, students can collaborate and work on a group presentation or project.