Alumni Reflection – Grant
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August 22, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Alumni Reflection

Grant Ganzi

My name is Grant Ganzi. I attended the IDEAL School for preschool and pre-kindergarten. I, then returned and continued from first grade until I graduated in eighth grade. I graduated IDEAL Middle School in 2012; beside me were people I knew my whole and some to this day I consider my closest friends.

I attended Saint Andrews School with one of my best friends at the time for high school ; the transition was a sizeable one as far as the campus size and student body size. What I soon realized was how IDEAL had prepared me for this by instilling the values necessary to adapt to my big brand new school. At Saint Andrews School, I was a member of the JV soccer team, a Hispanic Honor Society member, and by the end of my time there, I began taking IB and AP classes. I graduated from Saint Andrews in 2016 and my next journey began in college. I chose to stay closer to home to continue playing polo in Wellington while studying at Lynn University.

What I gained at IDEAL were relationships that would last me a lifetime, as well as, virtues and leadership values that helped me excel in academics past my time at the school. I have the confidence and the interpersonal skills to succeed in any opportunities that present themselves in my future.

Thanks to everyone who helped me along my journey.

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