Alumni Reflection – Jordan
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August 22, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Alumni Reflection

Jordan Campbell

I spent 11 years at IDEAL, graduating at the President of the class of 2016. I began my journey st IDEAL in the preschool. In my eighth grade year, I was president of the middle school. Being in this role pushed me to have a new understanding for leadership roles and impelled me to be a leader and a voice for those who don’t have one, not only in my high school but beyond.

I am currently a junior, attending Dreyfoos School of the Arts as a communication major with a fixed focus on film studies and film/television production. Through the communications program, I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge on all aspects of communications in today’s society including journalism, speech and debate, creative writing, as well as film and television production. Throughout my high school career thus far I have found a passion for film which has sparked my interest to pursue a career in the film industry and have gotten behind the scenes film experience through the opportunity of being a dancer in a short film called Chasing Titles. I take part in all AP, AICE, and honors classes in school on top of online classes and dual enrollment in order to strengthen my academic intelligence in preparation for college, and furthermore, I have, for the past year, run a Christian club called First Priority which I will be continuing to run throughout the entirety of my senior year and will be taking on the director position of the entertainment committee for dance marathon 2020.

Though I am not in college at the moment, I will be applying to colleges come the 2019-2020 school year. My top two choices for colleges are University of Miami and Florida State University with the intention on majoring in motion pictures and television production with a minor in business.

IDEAL taught me life lessons that I believe I would not have learned anywhere else and that have shaped me into the person and leader I am today; virtues, leadership, the balance of EQ and IQ and how to think in a unique way. Ever since my first day of preschool at IDEAL, I was taught the value of virtues, virtues such as humility, courage, pride and truthfulness. These virtues have set me apart from the others in my high school. Being at a public high school has reaffirmed the blessing that is IDEAL and how everything that is taught at IDEAL sets you up for greatness in the real world. Learning these virtues has shaped me to be courageous in my high school, to step out and use my voice to stand up for what I believe in even when no one else stands with me; these virtues have shaped me to be a better leader.

At IDEAL, I learned through Professor Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences which ways I learn best. Through the different classroom activities exploring all of the intelligences I am aware of how I can use these to my academic advantage. This teaching has been the life saver for my high school academic career as every classroom environment is taught by strictly taking notes and spitting it out on a test. I have been able to personalize my learning, whether it is to make my notes into a song or to turn my notes into a visual presentations for me to study, I know I am using the ways I learn best to thrive academically. IDEAL taught me how to balance my academic intelligence (IQ) with my emotional intelligence (EQ) which has been the leading difference between me and my classmates. Dreyfoos is academically and artistically inclined, meaning that there needs to be a balance between EQ and IQ and for most, it is difficult to find that balance in a school environment.

Thanks to IDEAL, I know how to have that balance and I have been able to thrive academically and artistically without draining myself mentally and I know that this sets me apart.

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