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August 22, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Alumni Reflection

Bria Butler

Although I only spent 2 years in the IDEAL Middle School, I believe that I gained so much. After IDEAL, I entered Park Vista High School. I was an active of both the color guard and the student government. I also was a part of the National Honors Society. After high school, I was accepted to Florida Gulf Coast University, where I am currently a senior. During my time at FGCU, I have been an active member of my sorority and served on the university’s Student Government. Over the summer in 2018, I took part in an exchange program, studying abroad and traveling throughout Europe. As I am getting ready to complete my senior, I am finishing on the Dean’s List.

The skills that I gained from my time at IDEAL continue to help me be the best me that I can. I have been able to work as an intern for a political consulting firm in Washington D.C. and attended the political internship program at George Washington University summer 2017. I have also served as treasurer of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity and Greek national honors society. Currently, I am working for a company whose goal it is to bring major political and social issues to the forefront.

Thanks to IDEAL, I learned respect and how to be cordial at a young age. I understand the importance of the simple things, like making eye contact and shaking hands. The value of education in a supportive environment with inspirational teachers and staff taught me that anyone can learn and achieve with the right support. Finally, IDEAL instilled the importance of beginning your journey to finding your true, authentic self. I believe that this is what has allowed me to be so successful, and so happy on my journey.

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