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August 22, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Alumni Reflection

Parker Barry

My name is Parker Barry and I attended IDEAL Middle School for 3 years. I graduated in 2016.

I believe that I have always had a good sense of how I learn and that I have been able to use that. My years at IDEAL helped me to finely hone those skills, allowing me to be the best learner I can be.

Once I graduated from IDEAL, I started the AICE Program at Wellington High School. During my freshman and sophomore years, I became active in many different clubs, even being elected president in a few of them. I carried those roles throughout my senior year. I’ve been recognized by Scholastic Art & Writing awards and I was given a publishing deal through my literary magazine connections. I also simultaneously maintained a well paying job and was on the varsity flag football team for three years. I just recently found out that I scored 1440 on my most recent SAT. I’m also spearheading a printing and binding institution for the school's newspaper and literary magazine. I’ve pursued my AICE diploma achieving nothing lower than B’s with distinction. I’m also receiving my fine arts academy diploma. I’ve been accepted to Chicago University, Denver College, P.B.S.C., and F.A.U. though I have not yet sent out any actual applications. I have been proactively pursued by all of these schools listed above!

IDEAL also provided me with many of the emotional skills that I needed for high school and I am experiencing a flourishing social life. I have been able to foster wonderful relationships. The most important thing was that during my time at IDEAL, is that I always felt challenged enough to continue to grow in my learning and have fun doing it! I am grateful for all that I learned at IDEAL and what it has helped me to achieve!

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