Alumni Reflection – Sean
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August 22, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Alumni Reflection

Sean Jassenoff

I attended IDEAL Middle School for 3 years. I began my journey in 6th grade. I graduated in 2016. I am currently attending the Oak Hill, a boarding school up north. I am in my Junior year and am on course to graduate in 2020. I have begun to explore colleges. I am looking at Virginia Tech, FAU, as well as FSU and UCF.

While attending Oak Hill, I am taking courses for college credit. I am a member of the varsity soccer team. I am taking part in coding and broadcasting. Before transferring to Oak Hill, I was a part of the Oxbridge sailing team.

Even while in school, I continue to take part in some wonderful traditions that I began while at IDEAL. I joined my family, again, for St. Baldricks. This year, the event was organized by my sister. As a team, we raised over $2,000. Then we all came together and shaved our heads to help support children with cancer. Aside from St. Baldricks, I continue to work on many community service projects throughout the year.

IDEAL taught me many practical skills, such as how to go from class to class on time, time management, how to work with others on projects, and IDEAL even helped to improve my table manners. In the end, I did get so much more than that. I gained the confidence to be myself. I understand the importance of being me. Thanks to IDEAL, I was ready to leave home and attend Loomis Chaffee School. Knowing my brain and understanding how it works has allowed me to take the advanced class and succeed.

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